How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Fees are always an important concern when a family is already stressed about money due to the transition to two households. Koenig|Dunne, will provide you with some suggestions to control these costs.

While it is impossible to predict how much your legal fees will be, the following are some of the factors:
  • The nature and complexity of the issues contested  
  • The number of issues agreed to between the parties  
  • The cooperation of the other side    
  • Whether there are litigation costs such as fees for witnesses or court reporters  
  • Fees will be discussed during your initial consultation. If you choose our firm to handle your case, a retainer, also known as a fee advance, will be requested. We have also found that making monthly payments to be applied toward your retainer helps to avoid having a tremendously burdensome legal bill at the end of your case. You will receive detailed information regarding the hourly rates for services rendered by each of the professionals in the firm. Every month you will receive a detailed statement itemizing the date services were performed, the nature of the services, payments made, and charges incurred.

    In more complex cases, we will prepare a Litigation Budget for your review. This helps you to understand the nature of the services anticipated and the time that may be spent. It is helpful for budgeting, including planning for additional retainers should your initial retainer be exhausted.

    In some cases the opposing party may be ordered to pay some portion of your attorneys fees. The obligation for the fees remains yours until the other party has made payment.

    At Koenig|Dunne, we try to reduce the anxiety about the costs of legal services by educating clients about the process, the necessary professional services anticipated, and the likely costs. We are always pleased to explore options with you if there are concerns about your account.

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